A rectangular park is 45m long and 30m wide .A path 2.5m wide is constructed out side the park find the area of path

long without path  =45 m
wide without path =30 m
area without path  =  long x wide
area = 45 x 30
        =1350 m2
long with path =45+2.5+2.5=50m
wide with path = 30+2.5+2.5= 35m
area with path = 1750m2
area of path = 1750-1350
                = 400 m

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Area of the park=135 m
increased length=45+3=48 m
increased breadth=30+3=33 m
​​increased area=48 into 33=1584 m
area of the path=1449 m square
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