a rubber ball dropped from a height, keeps on bouncing for some time, before coming to rest.

why does the ball bounced?

why does its decrease?

why does its come to rest?

2.a piece of wood easily catches fire but iron rod does not.

why does wood and not a iron catch fire?

there any difference in the nature ofmatter presenin them?

3.a plastic ruler on being rubber with dry hair starts attracting tiny bits of paper.

1.why does ruler develop this property?

2.can it attract other objects also?


a.) The ball bounced because it has some energy left after every impact with the ground. This residual energy causes it to shoot upwards.

b.) The height of the ball decreases as the energy after every successive impact decreases. Energy is being lost to the surroundings at every instant.

c.) The ball eventually comes to rest as its energy becomes zero after successive impacts with the ground.


Wood is more combustible than iron and thus this is why is catches fire easily compared.

A ruler attracted bits of paper because it has been charged by rubbing it with dry hair. This build up of charge causes attraction.

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