A ship named Queens? Queen set sail from Willingdon Island in Kerala to Osborne Naval Shipyard
situated at the southern coast of Australia. Do you agree with the statement that sailors may not
experience any change in the weather of both the places?
A) Yes, I do because weather depend on the position of sun with respect to earth. It will take months
to reach the destination and there is a possibility of different factors affecting weather may fall
same in both the places.
B) No, I do not agree as the latitude of these places are not at equal degrees from equator and the
Angular incidence of solar radiation in northern and southern hemisphere can never be same on
Different latitudes as per the situation explained in the question.
C) No, I do not agree because Australia is an Island and Kerala is a part of subcontinent.
D) Yes, I do because the world is now experiencing unpredictable changes in weather and climate
Pattern across the world.

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