A shop assistant in a jewellery shop shows precious antique rings to a prospective customer, an American, when one of the jewels goes missing. The customer’s trouser turn-ups are checked and he ie even taken to an inner room for a more thorough search. But it is not found. Another customer – this time a woman – walks in and after some casual inquiry she turns to depart when the salseman asks her to stop. The missing property is found on her person. In this detective story, the detective is not “an extraordinary person, extraordinarily favoured by fortune” but “just an ordinary man who uses his eyes and his common sense to the full”. Imagine yourself to be the young lady.Write a diary entry relating how the jeweller's vigilant assistant foiled your well made plan to steal the ring. Pls fast..my exam is tomorrow

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mine exam too.
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from chapter case of sharp eyed jeweller, I too need it plsss answer him fast.
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