A shopkeeper earns a profit of ?2 by selling one pen and incurs a loss of 50 paise per pencil while selling pencils of her old stock.
1. In a particular month she incurred a loss of ?10
In this period , she sold 45pens .how many pencils
did she sell
2. In the next month , she earns neither profit nor loss. If she sold 80 pens, howany pencils did she sell.

Dear student,

(i) Overall Profit Or Loss = -1045 Pens means Profit of Rs 90  Now No. of Pencils Sold   Price Of Pencils  90-(-10) = Rs 100  So She Sold Pencils At a loss of rs 100  No of pencils =1000.50=200  So She Sold 200 pencils.(ii) Profit Or Loss Incurred = 0  Now 80 pens means profit of Rs 160 Now Cost Price Of Pencils =160-0 =160 No of pencils =1600.50=320So, She Sold 320 pencils.


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