A short paragraph about a picnic i water park with friends

Such questions are asked to help in building your writing as well as creative skills, hence an attempt at answering them on your own should be made. However, you can incorporate and elaborate upon the points mentioned below to form your own answer:
  • Summer is that time of the year, when water parks are overflowing with people trying to beat the summer heat.
  • This weekend, I finally had the chance to go visit a water park with my friends.
  • We made sure that we tried every ride and slide, some of them were quite exhilarating and scary at the same time.
  • My favourite part was dancing in the waterfall dance floor, where amidst loud music and cascading water, we all danced without a care in the world.
  • The day came to a perfect end, with a pizza party at the restaurant in the park.
  • I wish such days become commonplace so that I can get to spend more fun time with my friends.

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