" A single stranded DNA or RNA, tagged with a radioactive molecule (probe) is allowed to hybridise its complementary DNA in clone of cells followed by detection using autoradiography." The clone having mutated gene will not appear on the photographic film. "    Experts, I have not been able to understand this paragraph. Can u please explain in an easy way, maybe with diagrams? Thank you so much!

Dear student,
Two cases arise here, the first one is that when a single stranded DNA or RNA is tagged with a radioactive probe is allowed to hybridise with its complementary single stranded molecule with no mutation in gene will easily hybridise because they are complementary to each other, Due to the presence of radioactive probe which is attached to the gene will be detected in autoradiography.
In second case when single stranded DNA or RNA tagged with radioactive probe will not hybridise with its complementary gene because they are mutated and after mutation the sequence of gene changes means the nitrogenous bases have been changed due to mutation, so it will not hybridise.
Autoradiography detects radioactive probe tagged in the gene and in the second case since there is no complementarity due to mutation therefore it do not hybridises and is not detected in autoradiography.


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