A solid cube of side 12cm is cut into eight cubes of equal volume. wat will be the side of the new cube also . find the ratio between thier surface areas (surface area of 8new cubes and the original cube)?>

Side (a) of cube = 12 cm

Volume of cube = (a)3 = (12 cm)3 = 1728 cm3

Let the side of the smaller cube be a1.

Volume of 1 smaller cube 

⇒ a1 = 6 cm

Therefore, the side of the smaller cubes will be 6 cm.

Ratio between surface areas of cubes

Therefore, the ratio between the surface areas of these cubes is 4:1.

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 edge of cube=12cm

Volume of cube=axaxa


=1728cm cube

Then it is cut into 8 equal sides therefore smaller cube =1728/8

=216cm cube

volume of cube =axaxa


a=216*cube root

= 6cm

surface area of smaller cube =6(a)sq

= 6X(6)sq

=6X36=216cm sq

surface area of bigger cube =6X(12)sq

6X144=864cm sq

Ratio b/w their surface areas=216:864




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