A space of 3 m × 1.5 m is cut of a door from a wooden wall of dimension 14 m × 8 m.
A. an iron plate needs to be fixed all around the wooden wall to protect it from moisture. Find the length of the iron plate.
B. Find the cost of polishing the wall at the rate of Rs 375 per sq m.

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Length of iron plate  which needs to be fixed all around the wooden wallto protect it from moisture=Area of wall-Area of door=14×8-3×1.5    area  is given by : length×breadth=112m2-4.5m2=107.5 m2Now, Cost of polishing the1m2 of wall=Rs 375So, cost of polishing 107.5m2 of wall=Rs 375×107.5=40312.5 Rs


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