A spain version of holi called ala tomatina are celebrated in the town of bunol on aug.like holi revellers a spainiards also smears massive quantities in talcum powder at all other they literally hurl talc at everyone they come along

Dear experts plz give answers
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D a - the
E smears- smear
F in - of
G all - each
H along- across
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Hope u 👍 it...😃

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a) Spain - Spanish
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A spanish version of holi?
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A Spanish version of Holi Called "la Tomatina" is celebrated In the town of Bunol in August. Like Holi revellers the Spaniards also smear massive Quantities of talcum powder At each other.They literally hurl Talc at everyone they come across.
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A the Are is A the Smears smear All each Along across
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