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Some call it stubbornness but I call it determination. 
Everyone is driven by his or her own determination to succeed, such as the determination to be outstanding among others. This determination is an innate quality hidden in our soul, which can only come to surface when an event irks it. This quality is not divinely imprinted on our souls; rather it is a reflection of our values taught us by society and those who are an integral part in forming our character. 
Making reference to a Novel; Congo by Micheal Crichton which shows the determination portrayed by several two characters of which are Karen Ross and Peter Elliot. 
Karen Ross, a twenty four year old girl, was driven by her determination to go to Congo in search of the IIb diamonds. However she wasn't allowed by Travis and when the other team sent out on the expedition were brutally killed by some unknown creature. Her determination was triggered to the surface and this determination was what made her outstanding among the others in the team sent out on the second expedition. She faced so many challenges with her team but she never gave up. Recalling an event when the Mukenko volcano was about to erupt; she was warned to leave the site with her team but she refused to leave because she was determined to get the type IIb diamond. 
This determination is also reflected in Peter Eliot who works with a Gorrila Amy, when Amy started having nightmares and drawing moon like crescent shape which is similar to that of an ancient brittle page of a Portuguese print dating as far back to 1642(a drawing of the Lost city of Zinj); he was determined to get through the misery of Amy's painting. 
These determinations portrayed by these two characters is defined by their success and the journeys they both embarked upon to effectuate their goals. 
Determination was a trait that got them through the battles, the late nights attacks from the Gray Gorrilas , the dangerous effect of the volcanic eruption , it was a trait that undeniably led them to their survival. 
They both look toward a seemingly dangerous personal goal but they triumph over adversity, these characters evolve and emerge with a degree of accomplishment. 
To achieve the goals and dreams that these two young role models held- that everyone holds including myself, determination was the key to fufill them. 
Applying to College this year seems like a dangerous personal goal, facing so many challenges both from my father and financially. All these challenges were just a blessing in disguise, because it only made my determination stronger acting as a stepping stone . 
I am most recently confronted by this determination when Father told me not to apply to colleges this year.Embedded in my mind is that Success comes from determination, so I must apply to college this year to reveal what I want to accomplish and not just a college but a place where people determination to excel is cherished and honoured. I have also had the dictum "determination is the key" pounded in my head by my mother, which is what drives me so hard to be successful just like her.
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Personal Responsibility Leads To Success
Personal responsibility to me means a person is capable of being accountable for his or her actions, family, college education, and career goals. To achieve the desired success in life it is the person responsibility. If one does not take responsibility for himself or herself, he or she will never be successful in anything he or she plans to achieve. To possess the following qualities: One must be self-discipline, practice on improving his or her time management and scheduling skills, and learn how to create a stress less environment. Doing these things, he/she can see how his or her personal responsibilities can lead to his or her success in college, family, and his or her professional career. Self-discipline is a way to train oneself to have self-control. It is something that does not come easy to many for dieting to shopping. In every aspect of life, there need to be a moderate to high level of self-discipline. To become self-discipline, one should begin with developing a success plan. The plan should consist of the desired goals one want to accomplish within his or her life. These goals can be short-term goals as well as long-term goals. It is also idea if the short term goals can be turned into long term goals. For instance, if someone wants to become a teacher (long term goal), his or her short-term goal is completing college. When developing ones plan, he or she should write everything down and draw a diagram. As one is doing this task, he or she should remember this is a responsibility he or she to gain personal success. Start out with that in mind. The steps to use to create ones success plan includes the following: 1.On a blank sheet of paper, write down any short term goals on the left side. 2.On the right side of the sheet of paper, write down realistic ways to accomplish these goals. 3.Draw lines or boxes on how he or she plans to achieve these goals. 4.One may decide to start with his or her short term goals because it is easier to see his or her achieving them now than achieving his or her long-term goals. 5.Once one has accomplished his or her short term goals, their long term goals look more tangible, able to be reach.
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Determination is the leading factor in success. Without it we may never reach our goals. I believe that if you want to succeed at achieving your goals you must have self-determination. Without it, when you reach an obstacle or something holds you back, you may quit and never get past that barrier. Other people have the power to help motivate you to try harder, but in the end you need to be the one to have the determination, drive and dedication to keep going and to continue fighting for your goals.

Time and time again, it has been necessary for me to have strong will and determination. I have never been the type of student who wanted to go to school, study for the big test, or the student that got straight A’s. I have always had trouble in school. Luckily, I never let the thought of giving up or dropping out pass through my mind. However, I have had to face several obstacles in my school career. I have always had difficulty with reading. I have had an IEP for the majority of my school years. I have been teased when it took me extra time to finish a test or when I had an assignment that I had to read aloud. I decided I would not allow the negative people to keep me from achieving my goals. I am proud to say that I have always been determined to pass and graduate. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I will be able to say that I am a high school graduate.

Many people in my life have influenced me to remain determined and stay on the right path to accomplish my goals. I have always been surrounded by strong, positive people. I strongly believe my self-determination comes from those people. My mom and my karate instructors are all positive, determined people. They have all achieved great things in their lives. My Sensei has a 4th degree black belt and my mom has become a long distance runner, including a recent 70 mile run. Their accomplishments have required determination and hard work. They all believe in themselves and have set that example for me. They have always believed in my ability to succeed in school, even when I had my doubts. As a result, I never wanted to disappoint the people who have always supported me and believed in me. I would not be where I am today without the people in my life and my own strong will and self-determination.

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