A sphere,cylinder,and cone are of the same radius and same height. Find the ratio of their curved surface area. please answer it

Since, the height of a sphere is the diameter, the cone and cylinder have height 2r. 

Curved surface area of Sphere=4πr²

Curved surface area of cylinder = 2πr(2r)=4πr²

Curved surface area of cone = πrl 


Curved surface area of cone = 





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 Curved Surface Area of Sphere = 4*pie * r*r

CSA of cylinder = 2* pie* r* h

CSA of cone = 1/3 * pie * r * r * h

RATIO:  4r : 2h : rh/3


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 he formula of curved surface area of cone which is given by you  is wrong

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Surface area of sphere =4πr2

CSA of cylinder= 2πrh (h is the diameter of sphere, so h=2r) = 2πr *2r = 4πr2

CSA of cone=πrl (l is also diameter of sphere, so l= 2r) = πr *2r =2πr2

Therefore the ratio of CSA of sphere, cylinder,cone=4πr2 : 4πr: 2πr2

                                                                                            = 2:2:1 

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