A square current carrying coil of edge length L.the magnetic field on the coil given by Bvector=B0y/L icap +B0x/L jcap where B0 is a positive constant.(A is area of coil).
1) If the coil is free to rotate about x axis torque on coil is given by 1/2iAB0icap 
2)if the coil is free to rotate about y axis torque on the coil is given by -1/2iAB0j cap
3) resultant force on coil is zero
4)equation for torque μ vector cross B vector where μ is magnetic moment of coil is not valid on coil if any of the side is fixed as axis


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Torque on square loop in magnetic field=BIAcosθ where θ is the angle betweenmagnetic field and area vectorThe force will be BILsinθ and is equal and opposite.So the resutanat force will be zero.REGARDS

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