A square loop of side 22 cm is changed to a circle in time 0.4 s. The magnetic field present is 0.27 T. Find the average emf induced in the circular loop?

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ε=-dt=-BAc-Astwhere, Ac=area of circleAs=area of squareSide of square=22 cm=22×10-2 mAs=22×10-22=484×10-4 m2perimeter of square=circumference of circle22×10-2×4=2πrr=44×10-2π mAc=π×44×10-2π2=616.5×10-4 m2ε=0-0.20.4616.5-484×10-4ε=-66.25×10-4 V=-6.6 mV

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Area of square loop = 484 cm^2 and 22x4 = length of square = length of circle= 2pi r. Hence find r and you got the change in area in 0.01 s. 0.27 T is B per unit area. Change area in m^2. Now change in area x B/ total time taken = E induced. As Eind= d phi/dt and phi = B.A so B is constant and A is changing
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