a steamer goes downstream from one point to another in 9 hours.it covers the same distance upstream in 10 hours.if the speed of the stream be 1km/hr,find the speed of the steamer in still water and the distance between the two ports?

 Let the speed of steamer in still water be x  km/h.

In the speed downstream he has advantage of 1km/h = (x+1) km/h

The speed in upstream  where he has disadvantage of 1km/h = (x-1) km/h

The distance covered in downstream is 9 hrs = speed * time = {9(x+1)} km

                                                                                                   = (9x+9) km

The distance covered in 10 hrs while going upstream      ={10(x-1)} km

                                                                                                   =(10x-10) km

Since the distance is same in both the cases






therefore, speed of the steamer in still water= x km/h=  19km/h

Distance between the 2 ports = (x+1)9 = (19+1) 9= 180km

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