a survey was conducted on why teens under-perform at school.usiong the information given below and yoursown ideas,write an article in about 150 words for the school magazine on why students do not perform to their full potential and how it can lead to low self-esteem and depression.also make suggestions that can help such children.you are kirti/karan.


  1. increasing competition
  2. increasing awareness among the children
  3. peer pressure
  4. parental pressure
  5. high standard of living
  6. desire to earn more with minimal efforts


  1. fear of losing should not be there rather confidence and morale shoul be boosted
  2. students should not be pressurised unnecessarily and should be allowed to persue their own dreams
  3. comparison should not be made with other children
  4. encouraging and motivating remarks should be given to week students too

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