(a)There are various entry points in India
(b)but most foreigners land of Delhi
(c)and a good portion in them had
(d)to the main bazar which are India's
(e)craziest street.It is situated clothes among
(f)the Delhi railway station.It is packed of
(g)foreigners an all over the world.
(h)frequent power cuts and the growling in generators is a common phenomenon
find error and correct it

in    - to
of      at
in       of
  • -7
  • error             correction
  • are                       is
  • of                        in
  • and                    where
  • are                       is 
  •  among               near
  • of                         with
  • an                         in
  • phenomenon       problem
hope it helps you....:)
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The answers are given in the image below

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