A tree is broken by wind. if the point from where it broke is 6m above the ground and its top touches the ground at a distance of 8m from its foot. Find the total height of the tree before it broke.

The figure below represents the given situation;

Here C is the point where tree broke such that AC = 6 m
Now using pythagoreous theorem in triangle BAC we have;
BC2 = AC2+AB2BC = 62+82BC = 100 = 10
Now CD = BC = 10 m
So the height of the tree = AC + CD = 6 m + 10 m = 16 m

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Here after the tree broke, a right angle is formed. U must have learnt the formula,Hypotenuse² = leg.1²+ leg 2²As we do not know the length of hypotenuse, we can mention it as the letter, x.X²= 8² + 6²X²= 64+36X²= 100X= 10m(10×10=100)Now we got the length of the hypotenuse-10mFor finding the height of the tree before it broke, we have to add the length of the hypotenuse and the height of the point from where it broke.=10+6= 16mThumbs up please!
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