A TV tower has a height of 100m. How much population is covered by the TV broadcast if the average population density around the tower is 1000 persons per sq km?

We know d=2Rh
Where R is the radius of earth , and h is the height of the tower.
Therefore Area over the earth surface where TV Broadcast reaches= πd2=π(2Rh)
Thus the population is covered by the TV broadcast =(density)(Area)= 1000×π×2Rh.=1000×3.14×2×6378×0.1=4005384

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d =2rh1/2

calculate d by this meathod, then1000 persons = 1 km2

then in d2 population= 1000 x d2

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First calculate coverage range (d) by using (2RH)1/2 where R is radius of earth and H is the ht. given ------- (1)

Then, Area (A) = (3.14)d2 From (1)

Finally , Total population = Area * 1000

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