A. Underline the adjectives in the sentences given below and say weather the adjectives are in the positive, comparative, or superlative degree. There may be more than one in each sentence.
  1. Both Mr and Mrs Singh are tall, but their son is taller than them.
  2. Most children enjoy playing with sand on a beach.
  3. It is more important to participate in competitions than to win.
  4. John and Jim are twins.Jon is abetter chess player than Jim, while Jim is a better swimmer.
  5. Getting him to study is the most difficult thing to do.
  6. The last thing you should do when you have a cold is to drink cold water.
  7. Have you read the latest edition of the school magazine?
B. Choose the adjectives from the box and fill in the blanks with the positive, comparative, or superlative degrees of the adjectives. You can use an adjective more than once.
near, far, good, cold, much, rich, difficult, powerful, few, late, little, fast, sweet, old, young, long
  1. Rita and Asif were adjudged the _____ speakers in the debate.
  2. Bill Gates is one of the _____ men in the world.
  3. Siberia is one of the _____ places on the earth.
  4. Yudhishthira was the _____ of the Pandavas.
  5. _____ people attended the meeting today than yesterday.
  6. Tara runs _____ than her sister.
  7. She is the _____ patient girl I have met.
  8. The early Mughals were some of the _____ kings of India.
  9. Indira Gandhi was the _____ Prime Minister India has had.

  1. tall(positive), taller(comparative)
  2. most(superlative)
  3. more important(comparative)
  4. better (comparative)
  5. most difficult(superlative)
  6. last(superlative), cold(positive)
  7. latest(superlative)
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