a vector = 2i cap + 3j cap + 4kcap b vector = -3i cap + j cap - 2kcap c vector = i cap -5j cap + 4k cap Find out : a. A unit vector in the direction of a vector b.A unit vector in the direction of b vector + c vector c. Angle between a vector and c vector d. Angle between a vector + b vector and b vector- c vector e. Component of c vector along a vector f.Component ofa vector - b vectoralong cvector - avector g. a cross product*b h. c cross product* b

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A=2i+3j+4kB=-3i+j-2kC=i-5j+4kA^=2i+3j+4k4+9+16B^=-3i+j-2k9+1+4 are unit vectors.cosθ=A.CAC=2-15+164+9+161+25+16=34+9+161+25+16  angle between A and C rest of the question unable to understand post seperately.Regards


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