a vector is engineered with three features which facilitate its cloning within the host cell. list the three features and explain each one of them.

The term vectors refers to the DNA molecule that act as transporting vehicle which carries foreign DNA from the test tube to the host cell. Cloning vectors are used to clone foreign DNA whereas expression vectors are engineered so that any foreign DNA can be transcribed in RNA and translated in to protein.

The important features of Cloning vectors are as follows:

  1. Replication: It should must have ability to replicate in host cells.
  2. Genetic marker: It should must have several marker genes, which help to differentiate the transformed cells from the non-transformed cells.
  3. Unique restriction sites: It should have a unique cleavage site within one of the marker genes so that insertion of foreign DNA into the marker genes leads to its inactivation and identification of recombinant DNA molecule.


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