A very long thick plate has uniform positive volume charge density given by ρ x = ρ 0   for   - d 2 x d 2 , where ρ 0 is a positive constant, d is the thickness of the plate and x = 0 is the centre of the plate.

114. Use Gauss' law of find E(a)
(1) ρ 0 a/ε 0                    (2) 2ρ 0 a/ ε 0                          (3) ρ 0 a/2ε 0                  (4) 4ρ 0 a/ε 0

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For the given case gaussian surface will be a pillboxFor the the point lies inside the sheet Total electric flux for gaussian pillbox is given by φE= 2EA         Here A is area of cross section of pillbox.Total charge inside the pillbox is given byQin=2aA(ρ0)By Gauss's Law-φE=Qinε0    2EA  =2aA(ρ0)ε0E=ρ0aε0


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