A) Very Short Answer Type Questions
1. List any two limitations of planning.
2. Name any two types of plan.
3. Define the term Organising.
4. What is meant by planning premises?
5. Explain the meaning of authority.
6. Define the term delegation.
7. Give the meaning of decentralisation.

1.(a)planning leads to rigidity.
(b)planning reduce creativity.
2.policy & rule
3.arranging everything in orderly form & making most efficient use of resources.
4.assumption regarding future.
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1.) Limitation of Planning :-
?. Planning is the time consuming.
?. Planning is costly process.
2.) Types of Plan :-
?. Objectives ?. Strategies
3.) Organising refers to the process of identifying and grouping various activities and bringing together physical, financial and human resources and establishing relations among the members/employees to achieve specific goals.
4.) Planning premises are the assumption made by planners related to future conditions.
5.) Authority is the power or right to take the decision.
6.) Delegation is the process of sharing of responsibilities between superiors and subordinates.
7.) Decentralisation means systematic delegation of authority at all levels of management and in all departments of organisation for taking decisions.
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