1. ABC is an isosceles triangle with AB = AC and AD is one of its altitude. a) state the three pairs of equal parts in triangle ADB and triangle ADC  b) is triangke ADB = tri ADC  give reason c) is angle B = angle C why or why not/? d) is Bd = CD? why or why not?

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We haveAB=ACB=C  Angle opposite to equal sides are equalc partAs AD is altitude, henceADB=ADC=90°Three pairs of equal parts in ADB and ADC are: part aAB=ACB=CADB=ADCAs two pairs of angles in ADB and ADC are equal, hence third pair willalso be equalDAB=DACSo finally in ADB and ADCAB=ACAD=ADDAB=DACHence by SASaxiom,ADB ADC part bBD=CD Corresponding pair of congruent trianglespart d

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