Abdul Kalam used to collect the tamarind seeds and used to sell them to provision shop on the
Mosque Street in Rameshwaram. A days collection would fetch him the princely one anna. Besides he
would collect the bundle of newspapers and worked as a help for Samsuddin. He was proud of earning
his own money

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Yes, this is a true statement. Abdul Kalam, just at the age of 8, was a hard-working child and used to earn his own wages by working on his own. Once, he helped his brother in law Samsuddin by helping him by catching the bundles of newspapers which were thrown out from the moving train. Then later, when there was a sudden increase in the demand for tamarind seed in the markets, he collected seeds and sold them to a Provision shop on the Mosque Street. Which fetched him a Princely sum of one anna. He was very proud of earning his own money.
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