"About hundred years ago, there were few countries that had hardly any political party. Now there are few countries that do not have political parties." Examine this statement.

Solution -
Political parties are one of the most easily visible faces of democracy. For ordinary citizens democracy is equal to political party. In remote areas, less educated citizens may not know anything about our constitution but there are chances that they may know something about our political parties. However this visibility does not necessarily mean popularity. People tend to be very critical of political parties. They blame the political parties for all that is wrong with the workin of democracy and political life. However political parties represent political and social divisions. Few hundred years ago there they were few countries with any political party but now there are few countries without any political party that is political parties have become omnipresent in the world today.  
a.Not having parties will lead to chaos and turmoil in the society.
b. It would be against the democratic principles.
c. Existence of political parties in a representative democracy ensures that country runs as per its policies and ideologies and have a responsible accountable government which is answerable to the people
d. Without parties, candidates so elected will be independent , will not be able to make policy changes, they will not be responsible for the country.
e. Parties are required so that a country is governed as per set ideologies.

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