Acan u give formula for each? Fast??

Acan u give formula for each? Fast?? 0.6ft-cro ö X File"anager GEMS portal -find current w if—X Ohm's L aw O 2. 3. 4. 6. x 1 of 1 REVISION + Automatic Zoom I. A body of mass 20 kg moves initially with a velocity of 50 km/hr and then after 2 minute, it changes its velocity to 60 m/s. Find the force required to change its velocity. Classify the following into scalars and vectors. Velocity, distance, pressure, buoyancy, electricity, momentum, frequency, amplitude, resistance, A longitudinal wave travels with a frequency of 500 Hz. Find its time and velocity with which it travels. A sound wave has 40 troughs and 40 crests passing a point in 4 seconds. Find its wavelength. 5. A longitudinal wave produced by a flute has a frequency of 200 Hz and has 2 cm wavelength. After some time the frequency changes producing sound of wavelength 4cm. Find the value of second frequency. If a charge of 40 C flows through a conductor in 2.5 S, find the number of charges passing through the wire.

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(6) q=ne40=n×1.6×10-19n=401.6×10-19=2.5×1020

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