Actively functional nucleus shows :- 
(l) Large nucleolus compact chromatin and more nuclear pores
(2) No nucleolus ,diffused chromatin  and small 
nuclear pores 
(3) Large nucleolus, diffuse chromatin and no 
nuclear pores 
(4) Large nucleolus diffuse chromatin and more 

Dear student,

The correct option is - (1)
A functional nucleus is always active and performs its function.For its functionality, the nucleolus should be larger so that more amount of rRNA could be formed. The chromatin is condensed in an actively functional nucleus but the degree of condensation depends on the stage in which is present i.e., prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. There should be more amount of nuclear pore so that more amount of mRNA could be transferred to the cytosol and more amount of protein could be synthesised in it.


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