Adaptation of elephant

An elephant has adapted to its environment in India and other parts of the world because the elephants long trunk is very effective for carrying large amounts of water and can transferred its load to other places. The elephants sharp tusks are also a good part of their body it helps to protect them. they also has large ears that it can move to fan itself. Its huge ears can be used to fan itself to bring its body temperature down. Its large ears also help it to hear any danger coming, which when it is breading season is very useful. Its long trunk is effective for carrying water and also to cool the elephant by using the muscles in the trunk to bend round and squirt water onto itself. The trunk can also carry heavy things such as logs and is used when it feeds to get the food and put it into its mouth. The elephants strong sharp tusks can be used to protect itself and its young from predators.Its large ears have lots of blood vessels to disperse the heat from their blood.
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1.The most distinctive feature of elephant is its trunk.The trunk helps the elephant in many ways.

*The elephant has a strong sense of smell because it uses its trunk as a nose.

*The elephant uses its long trunk to pick up food and puts into its mouth.

*The elephant uses its trunk for drinking water.

2.Elephant has big and long pointed teeth called tusks which come out from its closed mouth.They use this to tear off the bark of trees,which it eats as food.they also use this for fighting its enimies and protecting itself.

3.The elephants has large ears.Large ears help them to hear even very soft sound.

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1. thick and dry skin

2. strong sense of smell

3. long trunk for picking food.

4. teeth is modified into tusk for tearing barks of trees.

5. big ears for hearing even a small sound. ears also keep it warm from the humid climate of the rainforests.

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1) it has a strong sense of smell 2) it has a strong and dry skin 3) its trunk is very long and it help them to drink some things and washing 4)its long teeths is helped them to cratch the banana tree.5) it is also one types of weatest and biggest animal
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An Elephant have long trunk, tusks and large ears.
Trunks - An Elephant uses it as a nose because of which it has a strong sense of smell. It also use its trunk for picking up food.
Tusks - The tusks of an elephant are modified teeth. These can tear the bark of the tree so that the elephant can eat it.
Large Ears - Large ears of the elephant help it to hear very soft sounds and keep their body cool in the hot and humid climate of the Indian Tropical Rainforest.
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Elephants have many adaptations that allow them to thrive in their warm habitats. Their big ears and wrinkly skin help them stay cool. They also have tusks made of ivory that can help them eat and protect themselves.
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