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Add any missing commas Using Commas A Read Add any missing com at 18-20 MG Rmd Mumbai 400001. Quesn- 2, opened a u g 2001. She also uses branch office in dandra 'West. 4 Thit branch is opcn weekdays Saulldays and some evenings. 5, The main office is closed Saturdays Sundays and all holidays. Mrs Wu saw MS Ames Mr Pacheco and Mrs Iciferson at the bank on Saturday. They carried checks bills and deposits.

Dear Student,

1. Mrs. WV'S Bank is located at 18-20 MG Road, fort Mumbai- 400001.
2. She opened an account there on September 8, 2001.
3. She also uses the branch office in Bandra, West.
4. That Branch is open weekdays, Saturday and all holidays.
5. Mrs. WV saw, Ms. Ames, Mr. Pacheco and Mrs. Jefferson at the bank on Saturday.
6. They carried checks, bills and deposits.


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