Add tag question:(1)You like a lot of sugar in milk,...?(2)Don't be late for dinner,....?(3)None of the labour's arrived on time,...?(4)One can't be too careful about that,...?(5)Please close the door,...?(6)Sunidhi speaks French well,...?(7)I am older than you,...?(8)She did not go home during the vacation,....?

Dear Student,

(1) Don't you?
(2) will you?
(3) did they?
(4) can they?
(5) could you?
(6) doesn't she?
(7) aren't I?
(8) did she?


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You like a lot of suger in milk question tag
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You like a lot of sugar in milk question tag
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1.Don't you? 2.Did they? 3.Did they? 4.Could he? 5.Will you? 6.Don't She? 7.Aren't I? 8.Did she?
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