Administration of which of the following chemicals causes termination of pregnancy?



  • Norethindrone

  • Prostaglandins




    On meritnation, the answer to this question is given as Prostaglandins. First of all give me the detailed solution to this question

    secondly, Estrogen is also present in emergency contraceptive pills and Norethindrone also avoids pregnancy. SO why option A and D are not right?

Dear student

Please refer the solution below for the said query

The  correct option is prostagladins.

Prostagladins are the hormones which causes termination of pregnancy by inducing luteolysis. They stop the production of progesterone by causing death of  corpus luteum that leads to termination of pregnancy.
The progesterone is necessary for maintenance of pregnancy.

Let me clear you that prevention of pregnancy is different from termination of pregnancy. The termination of pregnancy is also called abortion. 
Norethindrone and Estrogen may be used as contraceptive to prevent preganncy. They prevent pregancy by preventing fertilisation or implantation. Once the pregnancy occurs, these hormones cannot terminate pregnancy. 


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