Advancement of Technology is a voon but has created a lot of gap between the two generations. The emotions are getting dissapeared, even the blood relations have the bond in between them. Write your views in the form of an article in about 120 words.

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The gaps generated by technology

Technology is growing at the fastest pace possible- with each passing year, man is using smarter technology to ease his lifestyle- this growth is sadly declining the standard of man- relationships are broken- man can reach others at a click but there is no time.

with the use of smart phones and other appliances, there is an increase in applications that make life simpler- social media is paving way for connecting people across the world- about 50 years back there were no application or social media sites- but man was connected by the heart- the words were unspoken but comprehended easily- however today words are spoken but man does not understand another human being - olden days letters were written and took many days to reach- but today everything is quick but man has no time- technology has eased life but still the day is shorter for man- social networking sites has made man more sensitive to himself and less sensitive to others- therefore he has become a snail that is enclosed within his own shell- befriending unknown people has made man insecure and unsafe- it has created a fear to trust other humans- people have become hypocritical- there is a mask beneath every person- thus relationships are based on superficial grounds.

what good has technology done to man? it has broken home and stranded homes- it is time for thought and pondering as to whether technology has really eased life or made it a maze to come out of?

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