advantages and disadvantages of globalisation ??


1. raise foreign capital: globalisation will attract foreign capitl which will lead to technology upgradation.

2.quality improvement: in order to withstand comprtition offered by the other firms ,quality enhancement will take place.

3.rise in employement: it is expected that integration between different sectors will lead to more roduction in the home country. thi will raise employement oppurtunities.

4.reduce poverty: with globalisation , many micro-crdit programmes are being implemented to prioritise the need of the poor.

5.adoption of new, flexible producstion methods:globalisation will raise allocation efficiency, specialll in underdeveloped and developing countries.


1devastation of local producers: it has devasted locsl producers since they are unable to compete with the cheap imports.

2.small business are adversely affected: small bsiness class is adversely affected by fall op public subsidirs, de-industrialasation and floods of cheap imports.

3.raising depth of inequality: the global village appears deeply divided between the streets of the haves and those of the havenots.

4. globalisation has made public employees worse off.

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