advantages and disadvantages of pizza in hindi

The advantages of eating pizza are that it tastes great and it is affordable. The disadvantage is that pizza is generally considered unhealthy.
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You could cook a decent sized pizza in 9 seconds if you were standing on Venus. True story. Well according to Neil deGrasse Tyson anyway.

As far as I’m concerned, pizza is deliciously angelic food from the gods. There’s something about the hot, cheesy, interactive finger food that gets my mouth watering worse than abasset hound at dinner time.

And as much as I wish we could get giant American style floppy pizzas in New Zealand, I’m really a sucker for the home made version.

Poor pizza tends to have a bit of a bad rep these days though, so I felt that it was high time someone batted on pizza’s side for once.

So today I would like to tell you about some of the good deeds pizza does for you. It really is a kind food, and although it is a little on the fatty side, it means well.

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