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Priyansu Padhy , asked a question
Subject: Social Science , asked on 27/8/15


Lakshita Nand , added an answer, on 2/9/14
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private hospitals take unnessary tests

but on the other hand private hospitals have more equipments

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Ahir Barman Maji , added an answer, on 23/5/17
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Hope this essay helps you out...



Advantages and disadvantages of private hospitals essay. Advantages and disadvantages of private hospitals essay. ... safer schools, private schools, best private schools. Pros and cons of private heah care the complete list formosa post.

Advantages disadvantages private hospitals essay. . There are both disadvantages and advantages to private heahcare. The hong kong heahcare system how it works. the private system.

There is some evidence of discrimination with private heahcare. Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine in rural areas. Difference between government and private hospitals. Private heahcare typically affords the patient more privacy. Difference between government job and private job.

Essay facebook advantages disadvantages spm property. Essay about immigration advantages and disadvantages. There is a greater choice and variety of specialists and hospitals to choose from with private. Class sizes are smaller at private universities. Table 1. comparison of reform strategies advantages and disadvantages.

Private heahcare enables you to choose when you will be treated. Advantages disadvantages of private public secondary schools synonym. Home heah care advantages disadvantages. Private hospitals vs public hospitals which work better?. Globalization advantages disadvantages essay importanceglobalization advantages disadvantages essay importance.

Mobile technology in hospitals. Computer games essay advantages and disadvantages advantages and disadvantages of internet essays amirmaqsoodtanoli amirmaqsoodtanoli facebook ke. Disadvantages of nuclear family essaydisadvantages of nuclear family essay.

Scholarships for caymanian students 2016. Living abroad essayadvantages and disadvantages of living abroad essay essay topics essay on advantages and disadvantages. Advantage and disadvantage of new technology essay essaywhat are some disadvantages to technology in modern. Difference between secularism and capitalism. Advantages disadvantages of public schools. A for and against essay about the internet learnenglish teens a for and against essay about.

Differences between universal heah care and private insurance. 17 best ideas about advantages of breastfeeding on pinterest breastfeeding meme, breastfeeding facts and breastfeeding benefits. Disadvantages of nuclear family essay disadvantages of nuclear family essay. Ict which are also a boost, promotional and its customers, but it must be.

Living abroad essaydisadvantages of studying abroad disadvantages of studying abroadposted on apr by marie living abroad. Most popular documents for mmha 6220. ... the disadvantages of private heah care. medizin. Essay on advertising good or bad www gxart orgessay on advertisement its advantages and disadvantages essays. Essay on advantages of living in a big city.

Advantages and disadvantages of a university education. Nuclear family disadvantages essay contest essay for you nuclear family disadvantages essay contest image. The traditional benami transactions have already received a big blow as the new legislation has a provision for seven year imprisonment and fine,. Robotic surgery can mean a shorter hospital stay for patients, but reports of adverse events. Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear family write advantages and disadvantages of nuclear family q no. External recruitment advantages, disadvantages methods video lesson transcript study.com.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the reservation system in india?. Short essay advantages disadvantages computer us history research paper exle cba pl. short essay advantages disadvantages computer us history research. Modern communication technology essay select expert academic advantages and disadvantages of modern communication technology essay. Alliances between hospitals and primary care centers. this is the second most common type of alliance, comprising 16.5 or 15 alliances . Prepaid funeral advantages and disadvantages 1005.

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Riddhima Dewan , added an answer, 5 days, 14 hours ago
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The nurses are more experienced
There are more no. Of workers;blood banks;etc
The doctors are trained
They are cost more
Take unnecessary tests are give unnecessary medicines
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Vaibhavi Shastri , added an answer, on 23/5/17
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1. You Choose Your Doctor
2. Shorter Wait Times
3. Improved Facilities

1. Private Health Insurance Costs More than Public Health Insurance
2. Private Health Insurance Creates Inequality
3. Private Health Insurance Seldom Covers All Medical Services
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Rajat , added an answer, on 25/7/16
11 helpful votes in Social Science
 Private hospital is characterized by an individual’s choice for a private insurance company that offers health insurance, paid monthly in exchange for quality medical services. 
Paid health insurance can make the difference between a quick and complete recovery compared to a prolonged and incomplete recovery in a public hospital. Private hospital provides space to treat patients perfectly and also allows time for a patient’s complete recovery from any illness or surgery. 
Compared to a public hospital, a private hospital is equipped with new equipment for any type of investigation, it features modern salons with enough beds for every patient who requires hospitalization and also when making an appointment for surgery, the patient need not go through a triage system, the patient undergoes operation at that time. In essence, private medical service improves the treatments received at any public hospital, with exception of salons dedicated to emergency and accidents (both public and private hospitals in an emergency situation will treat you on the spot in order to survive). 
Accidents and emergency rooms will continue to operate under the public health system in acute ability, while non-urgent treatments are the main concern of private medical services, allowing patients to choose the time, space favorable for their procedures and a private place where they rest and recover. 
Like any system, of course, there are disadvantages such as inequality, which means that not every patient can benefit of private medical services. Therefore, taxes are paid by private insurance companies, if you need care after an accident or illness. All individuals who have a healthcare insurance policy as a result of their work agreements are receiving care in a private hospital, according to company policies. 
Another disadvantage may be increased cost, not every patient can afford to be treated in a private hospital, especially students and older people. 
A disadvantage can be the ignorance of people in terms of positive outcomes if people get better treatment in either public or private hospital. These are characterized by a better system care, which may contribute to a successful economy, if people are treated effectively and quickly, can lead to an improvement of work productivity. 
In conclusion, the negatives of the private medical service is covered by the positive sides of it and anyone who needs care and better medical attention, it is advisable to go for a private hospital. Difference and convenience compared to public hospital can have a real impact on health and recovery time.

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Hansraj Thakur , added an answer, on 7/7/15
green stem and green branches perform photosyntheses explain it with example
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Shraddha , added an answer, on 28/1/17
2 unhelpful votes in Social Science
advantage is this that the provide good facilities, disadvantage is this that they are costly
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Sujeet Pal , added an answer, on 29/7/12
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Advantages-private hospitals have very good facilities, good doctors and etc.

Disadvantages-private hospital is very expensive.

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Beauty , added an answer, on 23/5/17
Private hospital  charges high cost but treatments is good 
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Sriram , added an answer, on 2/1/16
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