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Pros and Cons of Private Hospitals

Many people prefer going to private hospitals for emergencies and various treatments. Some advantages include:

  • Thanks to their smaller size, they are more equipped to offer personalized care.
  • Instead of being responsible for dozens of patients, nurses usually only have a few to care for at a time.
  • They tend to stay on the cutting edge of technology more easily than public hospitals, and they often have upscale amenities that make them feel more like nice hotels than hospitals.
  • Wait times tend to be short, and doctor-to-patient ratios are usually excellent.


There are significant drawbacks to private hospitals, too. For example:

  • They often only accept limited forms of insurance.
  • They have the right to refuse to treat anyone who they don't think can pay.
  • They also tend to be more expensive in general.
  • Finally, they usually have very limited numbers of beds.
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