After 28 long years Indian Cricket Team won the ICC Cricket World Cup.Write a diary entry expressing ur feeling on the historic win.

In Your Entry U Should

1-express ur joy excitement at the victory

2-explain how it has been posible

3-say what good it will do to the country

4- include a congratulatory message for the team

Sunday, 20 June 20**                 9:30 PM
Dear Diary,
    Today was a history changing day for my country India and its cricket team. After 28 years the Indian Team has won the ICC Cricket Cup.Today the team had the final match with Australia at Sydney.The match got over in the evening with so tense moment that everybody watching was stunned.With lots of struggle the Indian team has won this cup.The team had been practising since long for this cup. Every day all team team players practised around 8-10 hours. This victory is a great achievement for our country. Once again the name and cup is ours.This cup means a lot for the country.Its the reputation and honour for the country. I am feeling great to be an Indian.Congratulations team India for your historic victory.May god shower blessings on the team and the country.Feeling so tired after so much enjoyment.
Good night diary.
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Write a diary entry in about 100-150 words about the parents day celebrated in your school.
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