"Alien species are highly invasive and threat to indigenous species". Substantiate this statement with any three examples.

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Any organism that lives outside its natural and native range and gets established there is termed as an alien species. The introduction of such invasive species may cause the disappearance of native species through changed biotic interactions. Invasive species are considered for the destruction of habitat, a major cause of extinction of species. 

  • An invasive weed species water hyacinth ( Eichhornia crassipes) native to Amazon basin introduced in India has posed threat to our native species. 
  • The introduction of African catfish Clarias gariepinus is responsible for the extinction of indigenous catfish. 
  • The Nile perch is a voracious predatory fish which is introduced into South Africa’s Lake Victoria. The Nile perch results in the extinction of several native species of the freshwater aquatic system such as Cichlid fish species.  

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Introducing alien species place threat on indigenous species.
The introduction of Nile perch in Lake victoria lead to the extinction of 200 species of cichild fish.Introduction of Escherichia coli is another example for the same
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Introduction of African catfish poses threat on the indigenous catfish
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