Alison knew she should not read her sister diary. But she Just Could not help herself. She pushed a Bobby pin into the lock and keep the Book shut and is easily opened with a click.
Alison Turned To Page 1 ....

Dear Student,

Following are some points that will help you complete the story:
  • In the first few pages, there was not much written, just some random scribblings.
  • As she turned more pages, she came upon a page that said in bold letters "Do not read without permission".
  • Alison couldn't resist and went on to read the next few pages that gripped her in amazement.
  • She found out that those pages contained vivid descriptions of her sister's encounters with strange people from different walks of life. It also had descriptions of some unusual places in the city, that she had not ever heard before.
  •  She understood that her sister didn't allow her to read the diary thinking she might consider her sister strange and abnormal. She read a few more pages as the descriptions were quite intriguing, when the bell rang and it was time for her sister to be back.
  • She hurriedly kept back the diary, wondering if ever she would be able to read the rest of the stories.
Please elaborate on the above points to frame the plot of the story, using your imagination.


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