All 4 pls answer fast

All 4 pls answer fast two a¢ sides of A parallelogram cm and 5 em Find the the parallelogram. Two a parallele*ratn are In the ratio 5 and its penroeter 'S cm of each of Rides of a parallelogram is 88 cm and one of its adiacent than the ether by JO env Find the length of each of its S'des, figure. P is a in the of If PL OA and PM 0B and SAWB • [ind the measure

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13.According to property of parallelogram,opposite sides of parallelogram are congruentSo, perimeter of parallelogram=2s1+s2where s1side of parallelogram=7cm and s2side of parallelogram=5 cm=27+5=2×12=24 cm
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