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All answer plz X which method are 'he uppl;anccs connected]' difference appliances'.' the potential Indi Will the current passing through each applJance be the same? Jus1iiS your answer D Whv are the domestic appliances connected in this way? E. If the T. V. stops working, will the other appliances also stop working? Explain your answer. [we follow inu . following table shove Amperes and potential

Conducting wire
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1. By which method are the appliances connected?
Ans. Appliances are connected in parallel method.
2. What must be the potential difference across individual appliances?
Ans. Potential difference across individual appliances in series is different for different appliance but in parallel is same
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2,220 because all are connected to different something that if the fuse of any of these get damaged then the other appliances will not shut down.
5no other appliances will not stop working because all are connected to different sockets
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