All locomotion is movement but all movement is not locomotion.JUSTIFY

Movement is the change in the shape, direction, etc, of a body parts. For example, human beings can move limbs, jaws, eyelids, tongue, etc. Locomotion occurs when a body changes its position from one place to another. Walking, running, climbing are the forms of locomotion. Locomotion is a result of the movement of the different body structures, so both of these are interlinked. For example,we use limbs for changes in body postures (movement) and locomotion as well. But some movements of our body parts like tongue, jaws does not result in any locomotion. Thus it can be said that all locomotions are movements but all movements are not locomotions.

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Movement can mean anything like lifting your hand, blinking, food going through the oesophagus, but locomotion only refers to the motion which changes the position of the organism. Thus all locomotion is movement but all movement is not locomotion.

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