all locomotions are movements ,but all movements are not locomotions .why?

Movement is the most important feature of all living organisms. Movement which results in the change of place or location is known as locomotion. In plants, we observe movement as they grow, branches grow towards the sun but they cannot change their places which mean locomotion is not possible for plants. Thus ‘all movements are not locomotion’.

 Most of the animals can run, walk, fly, swim etc. which is nothing but different forms of locomotion.

To run or fly or swim we definitely need to move our body parts. So, ‘all locomotion are movements’.

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Locomotion requires a change in place/location,but a movement  doesn't .Moreover, locomotory structures need not be different from those affecting other types of movements. For example:humanbeings can use their limbs to change body postures as well as locomotion. Such observations suggest that movements & locomotions cannot be studied separately. The two may be linked by stating that "all locomotions are movements,but all movements are not locomotions".

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