All parental acts are for the betterment of children . justify his statement by taking points from this lesson  two stories about flying

Parents always think for the betterment of their children. Every act of theirs ensures that their children are well provided for, even their rebuke and anger are for the sake of keeping their children on the right path. In the story about the gulls we see that the baby gull was afraid to fly and so his family left him. They were on the other side of the ledge and waiting for him to try to fly. He pleaded with them to come to him but his parents and his siblings did not pay heed. His mother tried to call him but his fear won over his love for his family. Although the father showed indifference, he was keeping an eye on the young sea gull. His mother tried to lure him into flying by showing him a piece of fish and flying near him. No longer to bear the hunger pangs, the sea gull took a plunge and in a minute was able to fly. This clearly shows that the parents knew how to tackle the problem that the young one was facing.  

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