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(a)The nutrient present in citrus fruits is VITAMIN C.
Vitamin C is essential for Collagen synthesis.
The deficiency of Vitamin C is called as Scurvy.

(c)Causes and Symptoms of the following:-
Night blindness:-It is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin A.It is manifested as Diminished Visual acuity in dim light which may progress to Bitot's spots,Xerophthalmia,Corneal ulceration and finally blindness

Scurvy:-It is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C.It is manifested as gums become painful,swollen,spongy and bleeding.The pulp is separated from the dentine and finally tooth are lost.Wound healing may be delayed.

Rickets:.It is due to deficiency of vitamin D It is seen in children.In this there insufficient mineralisation of bone which makes bone pliable and weak.Growth is significantly reduced when compared to other children of same age group

Beriberi:-It is caused due to deficiency of Thiamine.Thte symptoms include are anorexia,dyspepsia,heaviness and weakness.The patients feel weak and get easily exhausted.

(d) Deficiency symptoms of Vitamin A can prevented by consuming Milk,Butter,Cream,Cheese,Egg yolk and Liver.Fish liver oils are very rich source of the vitamin.Vegetable sources contains yellow pigment beta carotene.Carrot contains significant quantity of beta carotene.Papaya,Mango,Pumpkin and green leafy vegetables like spinach are good sources of vitamin A.

Deficiency symptoms of Vitamin C can be prevented by consuming Amla,Guava,Lemon,Lime,Green leafy vegetables.

Deficiency symptoms of Vitamin D can be prevented by Exposure to Sunlight will produce Vitamin D.Fish liver oil,Fish and egg yolk are good sources of the vitamin.Milk contains moderate quantity of vitamin.

Deficiency symptoms of Thiamine can be prevented by consuming Aleurone layer of cereals(Food Grains) which is a source of thiamine.Whole Wheat flour and unpolished hand-pound rice has better nutritive value than completely polished refined foods.

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