All the experts I am is not able to watch 3D videos in the study materials even having adopeflashplayer and java in the computer.
Can you answer me fast before Sunday

Hey Shourya,

Don't worry! We will help you in running the 3d videos on your system.

After installing the Java latest version you need to configure certain settings in the Java control panel to run 3d content.

Link to download Java:-

Let’s learn how we configure the settings required in JAVA 8 control panel for running 3d videos.

I)  Go to control panel in the system.

II) In the control panel, to click on Programs

III)After clicking on programs, click on JAVA 32 bit/JAVA 8 update

IV) JAVA control panel will open. After opening, go to security tab.

V) In security tab, click on Edit site list option( Security level at high ) and add the following server/site address(one by one).



After adding, click on continue and press OK/ Apply option in JAVA control panel to save the settings.

VI) After control panel settings are over, close the current browser session and open a new session. Login and run the 3d content. After clicking on any 3d video, you will get an error.

VII) Click on the error. After clicking, a small window will open in which you have to select allow option for the plugins.

After this, JAVA will ask for permission forth clicking on which 3d video will start to open.

Hope this helps!

For further queries, please feel free to reach us on 011-40705050(9AM-9PM IST)/

Happy studying!

Manish Sharma
Meritnation Expert        

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you need to put a addrees in ur computer java for getting address call oon meritnation no.
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how prince
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