among oder sources of energy, why nuclear power has marginal share in energy formation i n India

In India, nuclear power contributes only 2 % of the total power generation. Some of the important reasons for this are the lack of uranium mines in India, high costs of importing uranium, political issues and international treaties and pacts. Another important reasons that account for lack of popularity of nuclear power are the huge capital investments and difficulty in managing the disposed nuclear wastes. Often, government faces mass protests on the grounds of safety issues and possibility of disastrous accidents. 

The important reasons for the marginal share of nuclear power in energy formation of India are summed as:

  1. Lack of uranium mines and high importing costs
  2. Domestic and international politics and issues
  3. Huge capital investments and lack of availability of advanced technology
  4. Difficulty in managing the disposal of nuclear wastes that remain active for hundreds of years
  5. High risks of accidents and aftermath of the accidents are irrevocable.
  6. Nuclear energy is a non-renewable source of energy. The world reserves may end-up in few decades, after which the huge investments made in the nuclear power plants may become useless.

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