Amplitude is the maximum displacement of a PARTICLE of the medium from its mean position is called amplitude. From the avove defination which is related to sound chapter but i need meanings of some words from that above defination ????MEANING of DISPLACEMENT IN EASY WORDS FROM THAT DEFINATION.MEANING OF MEAN POSITION????IN EASY WORDS ALSO CAN YOU SHOW ME MEAN POSITION AND AMPLITUDE OF A SOUND WAVE I NEED A PICTURE I NEED HANDWRITTEN DIAGRAM AND ALSO I NEED PROPER DEFINATION OF THESE WORDS

Dear student Displacement: A displacement is a vector whose length is the shortest distance from the initial to the final position of a point P. It quantifies both the distance and direction of an imaginary motion along a straight line from the initial position to the final position of the point For ex if Ram walks from house to market which is 50 km then displacement is 50 and if he comes back home then displacement is 0 Mean position :A mean position is any position that is a moderate position between two other extreme positions. It is understood as a middle-of-the-road position or compromise between two extreme views. It is also know as center. Regards

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