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Simran , asked a question
Subject: Science , asked on 13/3/12

an element X is placed in group 14. State the formula and the nature of bonding in its chloride. Draw electron dot structure of its chloride. PLZZZ HELP   

Ms. Unforgetable , added an answer, on 13/3/12
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  • Since the element is placed in group 14 it belongs to carbon family.So it will form covalent bonds.
  • Formula of its cloride-CCl4
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Alex Akp , added an answer, on 14/3/12
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therefore the element belongs to 3rd period(no.of shell) and IV A ie 14th(NO.OF VALENCE ELECTRONS)

So the element is Si with valency 4.

valency of cl is 1 

so the formulae is SiCL4

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Sana , added an answer, on 6/2/15
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Why do all the elements of the same period have different properties?
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